Our brand name is “kijinokanosei” and this means “possibilities of textiles’’ in Japanese. This is a project that focuses on the infinite possibilities of textiles.
Each country of the world has its own textile traditions, culture, and climate. The history of textiles is connected to all cultures and technologies.
The textiles created by the traditional, timeless weaving and color composition are both beautiful and special.

As the name suggests, kijinokanosei is a Japanese brand that pursues the possibilities of fabrics, all of which are manufactured in Japan.
As a first-season initiative, we created a collection of textiles with artisans from Japanese production centers, learning from the weaving designs of precious, vintage textiles. We unravel fabric blueprints and tissue diagrams that have been passed down through the generations, and in some cases, we spin and weave our own yarns to refresh and see from a new point of view.
Weaving is represented by warp and weft yarns only.
The textile, which consists of the close relationship between the warp and weft yarns, has a three-dimensional structure and an architectural expression that gives it a different look on the reverse side and the front side, respectively.

Our first collection will feature 24 textiles in 14 patterns created from complex structures. We created these patterns with artisans at the small weaving mills in Bishu, Japan, and some yarns were originally developed with local spinners to achieve their unique designs.
The knowledge and experience cultivated through many years of work involved in fabrics, along with the inquisitiveness and the enthusiasm to challenge new things have created unique fabrics with completely different expressions to the front and back. Each side of the fabric has its own special personality. We will communicate through fabrics and express them in various forms such as architecture, interiors, products, and clothes.

Each of the fabric blueprints on each piece has its own feeling, and the more you look at them, the more profound the world becomes. Fabric, a material with unlimited possibilities, is flexible and free in any form of expression.
We hope you will enjoy kijinokanosei, which explores the possibilities of various fabrics and creates new expressions and new charms.